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ZMX Magnetic PRO-loops is a small Aussie run business in Carrum Downs Australia

I run a few Hi-tech companies Monsterlights, Infrared Intelligence, Covert Robotics,

Site defense and ZMX Lab's a custom Electronics & 3D design house.  One of my passions is radio

and I wanted a robust small high performance antenna I could put anywhere like when camping, hunting and general use.
 I see there are many loops out there but I wanted something that was professionally made, next gen, robust with more features and it had to look cool. Using the latest CAD and CAM techniques to bring it to life.
After many months of testing in the worst conditions a built up industrial area with high concrete
walls where its difficult to even make a phone call. I spent long hours testing and fine tuning different designs, feeds, and sizes. last night I spoke to NZ and right across Australia with ease on my small prototype 1m loop with 10 watts so its not a problem to make a 2000Km jump or talk all over the world.
I just came back from a Victorian high country camping trip bringing the Pro-loop in the back, it was real rough
blowing out the rear window and super bumpy the worst was some dust on the antenna.




New years eve I used it from the Pinnacles high up in the mountains.
You can see some of it on my personal FB page & drone footage.

So why did I choose loops ? they are small high, performance and compact weigh nothing and the best part low noise all that hash from TV`s broadband disappears leaving fantastic SN ratios. And the bonus

of being able to null out problems as they are semi directional like a dipole. 

Real world testing

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