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Basic HF kit 1M Diameter loop model ZMXMLA1
The main loop 1M size the feed ring and insulator. 
This suits shortwave listeners and amateur radio.
Basic Spec`s
5 to 24Mhz
power 1KW plus BW up to ~20 to 100Khz.
Experimental HF low band 1M Diameter loop [Bare bones]
Two stacked main loops and the feed ring and insulator and spacers.
This kit suits shortwave listeners and amateur radio for 7Mhz and below.
We Supply the basic parts you put them together
This option is for the DIYer who wants to save some money and build their own
You will require a mount & tuning capacitor. As there are so many options we leave this option out. Soon turnkey kits will be available.

 Pro-Loop Antenna Kits

Loops make excellent HF shortwave antennas here im listening to the HF Airband in the LAB. The LAB and surrounds are very noisy with interference everywhere but it's no match for the loop.

Here`s the loop in action, not a problem to talk thousands of Km`s with the Pro-loop.

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