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PRO-Loop Parts

I have cherry picked the best of breed components from around the world.
The loops and feeds are made here in Australia.
Some options are still in development. 

1M Loop Parts ~1-30Mhz HF Radio
-5-24Mhz 1M Diameter Loop Alloy 5mm $299 Au
-Feed ring Alloy 5mm $49 Au [new squashedloop]
-Feed ring spacer UV stabPolycarb $59 Au
-Bolt Kit 316 Stainless Steel [for driver-loop] $20
-UHDP mount suit 2" pipe [with clamps]. $99

-SO239 Connector and nuts bolts TBA
-Spacer kit for low-band model TBA
-16 to 600pf variable cap 1kv rated [QRP] TBA
-IP66 rated Box TBA
-Vacuum cap 10-500Pf TBA

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